About Enochian Temple

...and the Magi at the Holy Table

I created EnochianTemple.org to log my experience in creating a temple to spec according to the writings of Dr. John Dee as received by the Angels. I live in Salem, MA and my Magician Name is Sazodeha.

A little about me - Highlighting some of the first books I was exposed to and given to study as a child, although good, these are simply books I studied at that point in my life, I am not mentioning them as “the best source”: I was introduced to Magic at the young age of 9. I was trained in a traditional manner starting with the basics – Visualization (Creative Visualization By Shakti Gawain), Psychic Energy Work (The Psychic Energy Workbook by R. Michael Miller, Josephine M. Harper) , Chakras, Herbology (Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs), SpellCraft, Talismans, Astral Workings, with an underlying Hermetic Philosophy taught from the Kybalion. My exposure is “coincidence” as I was raised in a highly charged Christian family. From the time I was a young boy, instead of wanting to grow up and be a fireman or a police officer I wanted to be a wizard! Unfortunately I had always been told magic was just a fantasy, and so I thought. Then that fateful day came while staying the week at my Aunts house (who was a nun). She had given me a Christian comic book about the evils of “Witchcraft”. Reading that Witchcraft was real set a bomb off in my soul, Magic was REAL!? I got on my bike, went to the bookstore, and asked the attendant if they had any books on Witchcraft. She pointed me to the one bookshelf (this was in 1979 mind you) labeled “Occult”. I spent the next few hours poring over all the books excitedly and finally made the choice of "The Miracle of Universal Psychic Power: How to Pyramid Your Way to Prosperity". As tacky as the title may sound (I was 9 after all) it actually had some pretty standard workings, chakras, thought forms etc. I also remember reading Starhawk, but was very turned off at how she degraded the male gender.

Shortly thereafter while playing in the woods by my house I came across a staff laying on the ground in a clearing. It was naturally shaped like a crook which struck me as amazing. I took it home and it immediately became my staff. This staff also had a spirit that came with it who then became one of my teachers and guides. This is also how I came to know that I am a “sensitive” and not just the strange little boy who has a lot of “imaginary friends”. Since I lived in Salem I had no shortage of teachers and quickly befriended many of the shop owners who were witches, all too eager to teach a wide eyed kid. I even took Laurie Cabot’s (the official Witch of Salem) Witchcraft 101 class when I was 14 (with a forged parental permission slip mind you, I told my Mother I was going to bible study). At 17 I became bored and asked my guides (which had grown to 3 at this point) for more advanced works, 3 days later I stumbled across ”Techniques of High Magic: A Guide to Self-Empowerment -- by Francis King, Stephen Skinner”. This excited me and scared me at the same time. At the ripe old age of 17 I already had quite a few run-ins with spirits both good and bad. Having yet to overcome my fear of them, the thought of summoning even greater ones was a bit intimidating to say the least. I eventually became serious about the practice and quickly became enamored by the art of Ceremonial High Magic.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely! I now know seventeen is far too young to be dabbling in high magic. My immature lusts for power and lack of enlightenment towards aspects of ego had me in a lot of trouble. I paid a terrible price for that, which I will not write or speak about.

In the end I became a better Magician because of the experience, but it’s a hard way to learn. I also spent 3 years in Arizona where I was exposed to Sedona and the ways of Indian magic (or Shamanism if you will). Although not really my forte I did learn a lot. While there, training under a Navaho shaman mystic, I discovered I was part of the “Owl clan” in a past life. I found this interesting and tried to research it, but quickly came to find that tribes do not like to talk about Owl Clan and I will leave it at that. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I was given the task of taking my practice to an even greater level, by constructing an Enochian temple to spec as instructed by Arch Angel Michael and written by ”Dr. John Dee”. I had been practicing Enochian for some time, but not to that caliber. I wasn’t exactly interested in the great deal of time, effort, and money involved in such a monumental task. The call became far greater than could be ignored and I took on the task.

Now here I am many years later, the temple is completed. I knew after a few years of construction I wanted to write about it. Many have inquired as to why it took so long; there are many facets to that answer. Money is a good start, I am far from a wealthy man and what is called for can be quite expensive. But for the most part it was the journey - research, self-discovery and mastery, mostly being prepared within. One of the main things I guess I wanted to write about was the process and how I did it. I am not by any means saying my way is the right way, the best way or anything of the sort, but simply this is how I accomplished it. This webpage is also a journal of my experience, how I constructed it, materials used, as well as little bit of my ritual results which will be part of my blog journal (eventually again). I guess the biggest part was that I had so many people over the years not only ask me how I did this, but also wanting to see the finished product (I think most believed I was not going to attain it, or just blowing hot air). For those of you familiar with the materials called for, building this temple is expensive and a great deal of work, unless of course you have a great deal of money and can hire the artisans to do the work for you. To which I believe the temple would have a sparse fraction of the power it contains when made by your own hands. That is my general background, this is my story and this is my journey. Thank you for taking the time to share it.