Temple Image Gallery

Completed temple - layout, tool and implements

South West View

Hanging on the wall is a robe used by Michael. A Magi I have worked with in the past.

A view of the East

A view from the North East

South West Corner

On the taller alter is the crystal collection (small stereo for music) Lower alter on the right has a crystal bowl, holy water, chalice and carbon Athame.

Standing in South West corner.

Silk drap over scry stone removed. Against the East wall, another alter with ink well, cross, two temple guardian servitors, and in the North East corner covered in white is a recliner for meditation

East Wall View

From a higher perspective

Taken From the North

South East Corner

The recliner I meditate and sometimes scry in

The Northern Wall

Between the ORO and GAIOL banners, from the top, a pentacle banner with the five-fold name of God, in Hebrew at each point. Below that is the sigil of Uriel (to the East) taken from the Grimoire of Armadel.

Eastern View

3ft x 3ft Tablet of Air

Eastern Watchtower in Enochian

3ft x 3ft Tablet of Water

Western Watchtower in Enochian

3ft x 3ft Tablet of Earth

Northern Watchtower in Enochian

3ft x 3ft Tablet of Fire

Purposely on the East, simply a better angle for the picture

Western Floor

The wooden tablets are the particular days - King or Senior stood upon during invocation

Western Floor again

Another angle

Two Tablets close up

Southern Floor

Eastern Floor Shot

The smaller SDAs are under the pieces of wood. It was easier to use routed wood slabs rather than bowls.

Another southern floor shot

The Holy Table of Practice

100% Red Spanish Cedar, off its legs which are removable.

The Holy Table of Practice

From another angle, the glare from the lettering due to them being gilded with 24k gold.

Closeup of the Scry Stone

Handmade stand of 100% silver. The names of the 4 Arch Angels engraved surround the stand. The red/green incandescent 100% silk table cloth with golden tassels on each corner as instructed.

The Sigilum Dei AEmeth!

The final and most important piece.