It has been a very long time since I have gazed into the stone and have spoken the invocations/evocations. The last time I wore the robes and performed the rituals I did so for a long stretch. I invoked many Angels, Kings, Seniors, and lesser subserviant Angels from various quadrangles and towers. I performed the prerequisite 19 days of operation…Twice. In my time communing with the Angels I learned a great deal to say the least. I was transformed, transmuted, awakened and set to task for petitions asked, and with a happy heart to lessons learned I admit. At first I was a bit begrudged, it seemed like what I had to do would take me far longer than I was willing to give. But I knew what needed to be done and in the end there really was no choice if I wanted to progress further. My thirst for knowledge and understanding was certainly not going to allow me to stop here. I had glimpsed the wonder of it all and now I was enthralled! But there was that ugly matter of ego and past karma that needed to have my house cleaned.

Angles are a stern and concise lot. In and out, the consequence is for you to have been aware of prior, enter at your own risk to be sure! That of course is if you can even get them to “answer the door”! As was written, many will knock, but few will get an answer. An appropriate quote from ‘The Enochian Evocations of Dr. John Dee’ by Geoffrey James-Chap.VI:

“Thus said the messengers of the God of Wisdom: Is your worthiness such that you merit such great mercy? Are you vessels cleansed and made apt to received and hold the sweet liquor of pure understanding? Be not proud of the gifts of god, but become humble. Do no justify yourself in respect that this is the word of God delivered unto you for your own selves. The more you receive, be the more thankful. The more you be in the strength of God, the more use you the pureness of humility.

You called for the Wisdom, and god hath opened unto you his judgement. He hath delivered unto you the keys that you may enter. But be humble. Enter not of presumption, but of permission. Go not in rashly, but be brought in willingly. For many have ascended, but few have entered. Therefore be diligent that you may enter in, not as spoilers, but as such as deserve entertainment in the names and through the power of the Highest. For great are the mercies of god unto such as have faith.”

I have met many Mages over the years that downplay the importance of piety, faith, or proper respect for the specific procedures laid out as they are by the many great Magi of our time prior. Saying that nothing more than a quickly formed SDA on paper or paper ring with a candle is all that is needed. Simply speaking the words and expecting results. As above, so below, the effort put in is the result come out. Nothing great is gained from little effort or dedication. When seeking the very secrets of creation, do not expect that to be handed to the lazy! There are no short cuts! This is my opinion and my experience. There is a price to pay, but the knowledge, transmutation, and ascension gained is worth any price once you have tasted of that fruit!

After all these years past, a long journey into the deepest aspect of myself, and even past lives through the circle of time, I am finally ready, at least for the next stage. I have begun preparing the next phase of my Grimoire. I am taking a break now from reworking it to write this as an update to any who may read. No easy work by any means. Anything regarding this type of work takes deep concentration, caution, focus and proper preparation, and the deepest of respect for the working. But I am preparing myself as well to go back into the AEthyrs. My plan is to call various Kings, Seniors, Governors, and the lesser subserviant. I may even work with a larger lot of lesser spirits, elementals and the like. It will evolve depending on my results. I do plan on publishing my ritual work, to an extent. I think mostly procedural, I am not sure how much I can write as to what is asked, told or petitioned. I guess from there I will play by ear.

I am excited, reserved and very cautious. I expect it will be at least a couple months before I undertake my first invocations, a sort of re-initiation. I do know that I am in no rush; there is only one way, the right way, at least as I know it. It will be a giant leap this time, I have great faith, it will be a journey that will remake my being as I cannot even imagine.