I began this ritual with toning of the Crystal bowl 7 times, one for each day of the week to clear the air and lay the beginning of the ritual. This is unusual as I typically tone the bowl 4 times, one for each quarter, but as I began I somehow knew that I needed to do it 7 times, one for each day. After toning the bowl I cast the circle and proceeded with the LIRP using the five fold name of God. I then performed the ritual of the Rose Cross. I sat at the table and began prayers, opening with Psalm 33 and 91 and then onto my own Sunday prayers, once those were recited I closed with the Fundamental Obeisance and the 7 Psalms. Lastly I recited the invocation to the 4 Arch Angels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.


All is laid out as it should be and the energy is strong and pure, at this point I am already well deep in-between worlds, trancelike. I begin with the Invocation to Bobogel, followed by the invocation to Bornogo. I charge the invocation with a powerful vibration of key one. I was going to recite other keys but key one was the only one needed and allowed as it turned out. I performed all steps multiple times, enough to loose count. In a way I feel as though I may be pushing my luck. I was told quite some time ago that I had to deal with 2 issues before I could continue with any calls, invocations, ect; Issues of a personal nature that the Angels see as a hindrance to my working with them. I have not done these yet and here I am calling to the Heptarchy. I have noticed that what I do and have received as of late has been sparse; I can feel them telling me time and time again to take steps provided before trying to move forward. They are family related and never easy, blockage if you will, but understandably an impediment to my development. But I can also say that I have been provided with ways to make alchemistic and transformative changes within myself I could have never imagined possible 5 years ago. This came about after a short calling to the Angels of Transformation and Mechanical arts; all very specific steps and procedures to be followed and if done right advancement is guaranteed and unparalleled. At any rate I digress, I was chanting back and forth between call one and the invocations to Bobogel and Bornogo, staring into the shewstone and phasing in and out of eyes being locked onto the stone and closed. I was beginning to doubt if I was going to received anything and was beginning to think how much nicer things would be if I had a natural clairvoyant talent to relay visions to me rather than having to ‘see’ them myself. I am not an accomplished scryer by any means, my empathy is very well developed, I can hear and feel but seeing isn’t my forte.


Finally Bobogel appears, draped in long and very rich black velvety robes, looking very renascence and expensive. Around his neck, if I can explain this properly, was a thick solid gold necklace. It was a necklace of solid gold squares linked together that hung on him from shoulder to shoulder rather than dangling from his neck per say.  As I was trying to focus my minds eye on him I kept getting blinded by a giant (for lack of a better explanation) light spot that was the size of his entire torso. He held a black staff that he brought to my attention. At the top of the staff was a giant silver globe (to be more descriptive the staff is say 7-8 feet of black lacquer and atop it the sphere is approximately the size of a volley ball, so quite large accordingly) When the staff was brought to my attention all else fell away. This part is going to be hard to explain, the silver sphere was ‘dissolving’, it was about halfway dissolved but the top half of the sphere was as a city. In other words take a sphere and cut it in half, place a model of a city atop the bottom half. So here is this silver sphere, with a city atop it slowly dissolving, like sand pouring over the edges, ‘this is the world and the cities of man for which time runs out’. Then I loose site of the image. I then see an figure cloaked in grey ‘phase in’ from the direction of the East but on the North side of the Holy Table of Practice (I am seated at the Western Side), he bends down and places a small gift wrapped in red paper with a green ribbon at the North West corner leg of the table, then vanishes. Then I see another figure ‘phase in’ from the West, again on the northern side of the Holy table where I am seated, walks over to the North east corner of the room, bends over and places something on the ground and vanishes. That is the last I see, I continue to chant, pray, invoke and recite but eventually got too tired to continue, I was at this point completely drained. I gave thanks and license to depart to all entities, performed the LBRP, toned the bowl and brought down the circle. I did look on the floor to see if there was anything there from what I envisioned; secretly hoping it would be a ‘divine shew stone’, but no such luck.


Not allot of what I experienced makes much sense to me, I do understand the message of the cities of man, war is coming. I don’t understand the little red gift or even know what the other ‘thing’ was that was placed at the North East corner. All that aside I also usually receive allot more than that, but again I think I know why in that department.