Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Planetary Influence – Begin Venus Closes Mercury; Moon Phase – 1.2 days after full moon, Waning

It’s been awhile since I have last posted any experiences, I have been quite busy within my ritual working. I am currently working with a group of Angels. The Angels of Mechanical Arts, Transformation and Healing. Also a small number of Angels that have presented themselves during said rituals as ones I was to work with based on my current petition. Firstly I will sum up my last ritual Experience and I think this time I will include a reference to Planetary and Moon influence based on time, position and day.


In calling to the Angels of Transformation: The moon was 1.2 days after a Full Moon, upon the opening of the Ritual the current planetary influence was Venus. By the time we were towards the ending it was in Mercury. The opening was for the most part standard. Casting of the circle, LIRP, F.O., Call to the quarters and the 4 Arch Angels, take place at the table standing on the proper Tablet of the King and Senior, Calls one and two, call to the King, Senior, then the 4 Angles of the Eastern sub quadrant of the Air Tablet, God Charged names – ABAMO, NAOCO, OCANM, and SHIAL.


In the beginning of the ritual the opening presence was major, but for the most part a watchful eye. The energy builds slowly and was not overwhelming. Towards the end and once the petition was presented, what I found unusual (as with past experiences) all four that have been called show up. In this calling though only NAOCO appears, he is the channel, or the one who is to present said result. This was my first time working with the Angles of Transformation, the experience was truly unique. NAOCO came in from the North, its presence was massive to put it mildly. The simplest way for me to explain its presentation is firstly its overwhelming, colossal, and immense radiation of power. NAOCO had nothing to say – verbally, symbolically, telepathy. I only knew empathically that it has one purpose and one purpose alone, as if nothing else was in existence, devoid of any emotion or soul – To complete my petition, fully and verbatim! The word automaton comes to mind and it seems to fit quite well. It flew in with arm pointed forward to place its transformation. What I will say based on my experience in working with these particular Angels, state your petition EXTREMLY well, verbatim and to the T, be very, very specific. The change is immediate, instantaneous, fast and furious, and all without a spec of feeling. I want to say that in these Angel(s), in this working, to compare it to an object that contains an immeasurable charge of energy and power. So much so that it can do far more than simply harm (or has bi-directional potential I should say). The energy itself is not good or bad, malignant or benign, or even benevolent, it simply “Is”. How it is used and how well you present yourself to it will give you its ending and appropriate signature.


So over all there really wasn’t anything to ‘receive’, or much to report in vision or scrying. It was simple, get in, get what you rang for, and leave. Simple yet deeply profound. I think that’s for the most part what I would have to say about that experience.


The more I work in this form of magick at this level, the more I work with the Angels, various, profound and extraordinary changes are all about me. Since this all began my life has been a complete and utter 180 degree change. Not only am I not the same person, I am completely different. There are the changes that are ‘meant to be’ that was of no result to my doing, the changes that I petitioned, and then the many subtleties – and there are quite a few of those. I have noticed that my Psi is deeply changing as well; my dreams seem to have become a main catalyst, it’s all ‘rising’. I was simply called to complete the temple and that call became far more than I was able to ignore. I went into this whole thing not knowing what to expect, what direction I was going in, what steps to take, how to approach it, what is the proper procedure. I simply received the call, spent years building the temple, and then when it was complete I knew only one thing. I was to perform the 19 days of operation, which I did. After that I had no idea what I was doing. Simply put I didn’t need to, it all falls into place. Approaching Enochian is very overwhelming, as most of you who may be reading this may know, and to those that are considering the art. Forget analyzing it to death, know well the foundation, then just do it! Just absolutely make sure you are ready for it… But then again, I don’t believe you ever can be, you just have to experience it.