Thank you for visiting This site/url has been active for quite a few years. Although it has been neglected (but not forgotten) over the past 8 years, the journey never ended. I cannot even believe its been that long since I finished my temple. My work within the art of Enochian continues, but became something I was not willing/able to share with the public. As the years have gone by I and my work have evolved dramatically. That said I am resurrecting this site and its content for those out there that are interested in seeing another’s perspective on this elusive yet powerful craft.

I brought this site and my Enochian practice within the fold to the other 3 areas of my life that encompass all things esoteric. This includes and All three under the banner of the “3 M’s”. Monk, Mystic & Magi. I am all three. I have decided to no longer separate the three in practice, but rather bring them together as one. To be honest the decision was more made for me, its just how I have evolved over the past 34 years in my journey of all things esoterica.

With that said I am re-posting my earlier initial posting of my evocation journal since they are strongly related to the beginning of this process of building and experiencing the temple. I wanted those back out there for reference sake. But I am also moving forward, soon to be posting my evocation journal (that I am able) of my current practice, the format will actually be quite similar.

Thank you again for visiting my site, to those new and maybe those returning from all those years ago (I am sorry I was unable to save all the comments from the previous blogs). Comments are welcome but monitored of course.


*Please Note – In writing these entries I do not pay close attention to grammar, not that I was ever good in that department anyway. But even worse sometimes the entries are/were made very soon after a ritual. In such a state I cannot be mindful of grammatical format as my head is usually still 3 dimensions out, so please excuse ahead of time and be forgiving and gracious 😉