Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Planetary Influence – Begin in Moon Close in Saturn; Moon Phase – 2.6 days since new moon, Waxing

I am still buzzing full of energy from this ritual and having a bit of a hard time focusing from the sheer power of this ritual. Before beginning I did a solid 1.5 hours of praying including psalms 33, 91 and the seven psalms as well as all my other prayers. I wanted to make sure I was spiritually grounded as well as prepared before I came before the Angels this time. During prayer I was receiving thoughts from either the Angels or my guides telling me that Michael did not pray today. Also for some reason, to continue talking to a youth on the message boards requesting a teacher. I took the messages as they came. I later confirmed that Michael did not pray, I don’t think his dedication is going to be enough for this kind of work. When Michael showed up we entered temple, chatted and began. LIRP, casting the circle, FO and invocation to the four Arch Angels, I want to note that before all that began I was already feeling the presence of Angles starting to show. Another note, when we were invoking or vibrating the 12 names of God I could literally see explosions, or for lack of a better word power from doing so. On the astral it had a similar look of a super nova type of energy burst. I could see the temple taking its place into its higher dimension, or its place “being” somewhere in the Multi-verse, at this point I could literally see space all around me, stars, novas, etc. When we called to the 4 Arch Angels I saw them come in but there presence was much more pronounced. I recall seeing each one as a pillar of power respective to their quarter, the energy radiating off of each was massive. Above them at each quarter were 3 trumpeters, they sang praise and words of Glory to God. Throughout the entire room were random spheres of energy, intelligent, ‘zipping’ all about. This is the simple way to describe what I was seeing during the whole process, all of this was happening as we continued on with the evocation. After the 12 names we took our places at the Holy Table of Practice. I was standing on the respective tablet for Tuesday. In turns we recited call one, call two and lastly the evocation of OPAMN, APLST, SCMIO, VARSQ. Again we decided to use the God charged names. Once all was recited and vibrated I presented my petition to the Angles. I was acknowledged and told that I have been heard, I was also told what I would need to do. Interestingly I was also given a name, DGAT, a lesser angels garbed in simple robes appeared before me and bowed, its was not a respective honor type of bow, but an introductory per say. This Angels was assigned to me, I am to call on this Angel and DGAT will assist me pertaining to my petition, I have yet to call upon him, as there are some minor task that I am still working on before I go further, I had to clean the temple, I got the feeling the last few times I was in temple that the Angles were not pleased. Somehow even though I know I am feeling the immense power, there is something that is not connecting. I had a strong feeling from a few rituals back that I am to call my father and forgive him in order to rid myself of the anger issue which I felt was holding me back, and I am guessing that there is a lack of dedication issue, not keeping up with my prayers for example. I can’t quite put my finger on it but something is missing. I think I was at least looking for something, more of a spark I guess, a confirmation. This is the second time I have petitioned to be healed and it has not happened, I don’t know what I am doing wrong and I cant get the Angels to talk to me either, sure I can see things but I am not receiving enough of a message. I need to note the name DGAT, this Angels was assigned to me to help with healing, I am going to have to look further into this, right now I am too “spaced out”