Friday, June 16, 2006

Planetary Influence – Begins in Venus closes in Mercury; Moon Phase: 1.3 days before last quarter, Waxing

Usually I don’t document my daily morning rituals as they are basic and an opening to each day. Routine, after I have my morning coffee I go into temple, cast my circle, perform he LIRP, followed by morning prayers. I then perform the F.O. with the intoning of the 12 names of God to their respective quarters, invoke the 4 Arch Angels starting from the East, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, sending the vibration directly through their Sigils and out into the Multiverse. I then present to the Angels due respect and present my daily prayer or request. Nothing unusual as again I do this every morning seven days a week with Sunday being the exception, as it is much longer and more involved. What makes this instance unique, as I was presenting my petition to the Arch Angels I begin to see with my eyes, not my minds eye, the outline of Raphael in the direction I was facing. Usually when I have vision it is in a trance like state and its either through the stone or in my minds eye. I continued with my prayer and watched as this image wavered before me, I increased the zeal to which I was praying and a strong breeze brushed across my face, I wasn’t startled by this, I was instead filled with a feeling of purity, peace and gentleness, all of which is the best way I can explain what passed through me. I was acknowledged, firmly but gently.


I gave thanks and departure, LBRP, closed the circle and toned the bowl to each quarter. This morning I was “brushed by an Angel”, Raphael to be specific, it will be a good day.