Thursday, June 15, 2006

Planetary Influence – Opening in Mercury closing in the Moon; Moon Phase: 2.3 days before last quarter

The moon is in its waning phase. We began the ritual with casting of the circle, tone of the bell 4 times in respect to each quarter. Foundation laid we opened with the Lesser invoking ritual of the Pentagram. Following with the call to the 4 Arch Angels, Michael opened this with the Qabalistic cross while I laid down the Rose Cross to each sub quarter. We then both called to each Arch Angel vibrating their names and igniting their sigil, Michal finishes with what I think is again the Qabalistic cross while I vibrate my own personal invocation to the 4 Arch Angles. When then both recite the Fundamental Obesense, vibrating and charging each of the 12 God Names. Moving over to our position at the Holy Table of Practice and standing on the appropriate sigil for the King and Prince for Wed we begin by vibrating calls one and two then lastly the Invocation to CZONS, TOITT, SIGAS, FMOND, the idea to use the God charged version of the names came more spur of the moment, and lastly the scrying begins.


Speaking from my perspective the opening of the ritual was nothing too unusual. I did without question feel and see the presence of the Angles and random entities zipping about during the opening (they actually started gathering during our discussion prior to starting). Once we got to the calls I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a trancelike state. I was reciting the calls and for lack of a better way to describe it the weight of the presence to power was growing exponentially. The order in which we call – Michael vibrates call one, then I, he vibrated call two, then I, lastly he recites the invocation and I repeat. In doing so there is a call and a pause, a call and a pause. It is during this ‘pause’ that I seem to be falling deeper and deeper. Towards the finishing where it was my turn to recite the invocation I felt almost crushed, it was actually getting hard to breathe. The whole time as we were pressing forward there were moments where I wanted to say I had enough, we need to stop, maybe tonight isn’t a good night to call. But as I reached my breaking point I was propped up and given strength by my LHGA. Interestingly I was given just enough of a boost to continue, but was directed to call on my own strength, guided, not carried. I specifically remember swimming within my mind chaotically, and the room was almost spinning, as when you have had too much wine. There were moments of fear and trepidation, questions to the degree of my own strength were pressing in my mind. I would waver and fall a bit then my vigor would well up, snap me up, and visually I transmute myself to a spiritual pillar, a stone wall, holding my ground. We recited the invocation two times, its power was immense. By the last sentence I was literally out of breath, I found the words were hard to formulate and I was dizzy, that moment in time where you are on the boarder of blacking out, I was teetering on that edge. I stuttered the last remaining words and struggled with the closing vibration of the commanding God names. It was a moment when I felt I wasn’t sure throughout if I had the strength, but then realizing I have waded through the thicket I am now on the other side. I was regrouping as the time came to scry, and what was taken from me was beginning to regenerate, although it was slight.


My mind was clouded; I had a hard time focusing my minds eye. There was honestly too much to see, to much to take in, again, feeling as I have drank too much and while I am moving in slow motion there is a party going on around me, people talking and being loud, doing their own thing while I stumble foolishly (I feel I should mention I did not have anything to drink). I began to incant, I presented my intent, I called to CZONS, TOITT, SIGAS, FMOND but everything was blurry. I could make out the Arch Angels; they always seem to be standing in their respective quarter, statuesque. To the East I could barely make out four figures, brilliant white and without much form, barely humanoid. Everywhere else was an over abundant cluster of entities zipping about, some small others larger. For whatever reason my lack of focus was my own, where is began or its cause was less important more than its reality. We decided to close which I welcomed, my intent had been stated. Thanks with license to depart, LBRP, close the circle and toning of the bell. Michael and I discussed briefly each our experience, I was too far gone to get into it or even sort it out. I stumbled (literally) to the door to see him out and collapsed. I slept the entire night through which is not like me given that at this point its only 9:00 pm